Avoid Costly Home Maintenance with these Important Tips

New homebuyers often make the mistake of getting too excited. When they’re out shopping for a home, they tend to focus more on face value than on issues that lie below the surface.

That’s understandable for any newbie, but this could be an issue that could cost a lot of time and money in the long run.

A cautious buyer is a wise buyer. So, don’t let stylish exteriors and impressive landscaping mislead you. It (literally) pays to go in-depth when choosing a home for the first time.

Use these tips to avoid costly home maintenance issues right after you move in.

1. Ask the right questions
It’s not enough to ask about the age and general condition of a home. You will also need to focus on specific parts such as the roof and interior walls. In this sense, make sure to ask about the last time these elements were upgraded. You can also ask about additional issues such as the possibility of a termite infestation that could affect the overall integrity of your home.

2. Repair or replace wooden fixtures
Wooden window sills and doors that have seen better days should be repaired, upgraded, or replaced altogether. For sure, any hint of wear and tear can weaken wooden fixtures. For damage caused by termites, apply wood filler and finish off with a coat of varnish.

3. Check your plumbing
Pipes, sinks, and faucets can deteriorate over time through rusting. Overlooking these vital components in your plumbing can lead to a costly fix later on. That being said, have your plumbing system checked for any signs of leakage. It’s always better to seek them out before things get a little worse such as discoloration of your tap water.

4. Inspect your sockets and cables
Aside from your plumbing system, your electrical system should also be inspected. A poorly maintained electrical system is a fire hazard, so make sure to check for short-circuited wires and faulty sockets.

5. Get a professional inspector
If you want to give your home a full, top-down inspection, then you may as well hire a professional to do it for you. The right home inspector will give you a rundown of the issues you should look out for as well as suggestions for possible home maintenance and renovation projects.

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