5 Ways to Prep Your Home for a Sale this Year

Home staging is an essential part of selling a home. It involves making improvements and handling repairs that will impress potential buyers and set a higher selling price.
Sure enough, home staging has to be done right so you will be able to secure a good price for your home.Let’s take a look at some of the most important ways to consider in prepping your home for the market.

1. Varnish old wooden furniture
If you have any hardwood fixtures in the living room, you might as well give them a new lease on life by varnishing. Go for a polyurethane varnish which can add an extra layer of protection to dilapidated wood and give your furniture a nice glossy finish.

2. Add some plants and flowers
Another way to give life to your interiors is through potter plants and flowers. Sure enough, you can’t really leave out succulents since they are ideal for indoor conditions. Aside from succulents, you can also opt for potted trees such as the Pygmy date palm and pachira money tree.

3. Reduce all that clutter
If you’re inviting people over for an open house, you might want to tidy up the place a bit. People are more likely to buy your home if they can visualize themselves living in it. Your personal items will only serve as distractions, so it’s best that you store them away.

4. Add new accessories
Give your rooms a touch of sophistication by replacing the curtains and buying new throw pillows for your couches. You might also get a new coffee table and add a few more shelves, just in case a buyer is an avid fan of reading.

5. Make your front door inviting
Before potential buyers set foot inside the house, they need to go through the entrance first. With this in mind, your front door should never fail to impress, so it helps if you give it a fresh coat of paint and an ornate door knocker.

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