Selling Your Home in the Holiday Season; Should you decorate or not?

Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa draw near, and as a Seller and Occupant, you may find yourself itching to dress up your property accordingly. Your Realtor may advise against doing so, but there are still many ways that you can decorate your home to be in line with the holidays while maintaining saleability.

When you listed with your Realtor, you were probably advised to avoid keeping personal photos and memorabilia around. Not only does this free up space and increase appeal, but to also help potential buyers be able to picture themselves owning and living in your home. The same principle applies when decorating your property for the holidays.

Simplicity is key. Avoid decorations that may take up precious space, be it on your floor, window or walls. It is especially important that they do not obscure the best parts of your home that you want to emphasize. It won’t help if you have a massive Christmas tree cluttering up that spacious living room you are so proud of.

Remember to be subtle and inclusive. Not everyone who walks in your door for an Open House shares your religious and aesthetic sensibilities. Refrain from putting up Nativity Scenes, or having a large Menorah in your dining room or any other religious tokens. You can express your devotion to a certain holiday through appropriate colors instead, like red and green drapes for Christmas and blue for Hanukkah. A lovely wreath on the front door, a few candles by the windows and bright but simple lights sparsely but tastefully hung throughout can provide that festive holiday spirit without cluttering up the home you are looking to sell.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to consult with your realtor. Take advantage of their expertise and ask for advice. The upcoming holiday season may just be the boost you need to finally get your home sold.

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