Sell Your Home With These Spring Home Improvements

Spring is here, and it promises a season of bright colors, florals and new beginnings. Since it’s also the season of home buying, this would be the perfect time to give your home a little upgrade—that is, if you’re planning to sell it this season.

Ace your showing by properly staging your home with these helpful spring home improvements:

1. Start spring cleaning

Remember, cleanliness sells. It would be best to remove any trace of dirt by scrubbing your floors, regularly changing your carpets and rugs, cleaning your walls and windows, and packing up holiday decorations that no longer suit the season.

2. Update your colors

Spring colors induce a feeling of happiness and contentment. Start feeling the spirit of spring by opening your windows and letting the light in. Also, try filling your home with interiors that burst with colors and patterns. Switch your dark-colored pillows, linens, and drapes for springtime colors such as lavender, yellow and a whole lot of pastels.

3. Incorporate spring decor

Decorate your home with natural ornaments which induce a relaxing atmosphere. Strategically place flowers and succulents in the corners of your home to add color. Also, try using spring scents such as lavender and/or citrus which can definitely help give your home a more calm and relaxing ambiance.

4. Remove weeds

As much as you value your home’s interiors, a clean and well-maintained yard is a huge plus for home buyers. Removing dead plants, cleaning out debris and mowing your lawn can make your yard appear larger, which can definitely be a huge bonus for potential buyers.

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3 Expert Tips on How to Sell a Home with Pets

Putting your home up for sale nowadays comes with plenty of responsibilities such as staging your home, scheduling repairs, as well as meeting with possible buyers, but if you have a pet at home—there’s a lot more for you to do.

The first question that usually pops into any pet owner’s mind would be how to sell your property despite having pets, but let’s just face the fact that not every prospective buyer is going to be comfortable with buying a home that currently has pets, or has previously had pets. Although this does not apply to all prospects, the safest move would be to get rid of any trace that your property currently houses/has housed a pet at all. If you are not having a difficult time selling your home yet because of your pet, here are four expert tips on how to avoid doing so:

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How To Deal With Competing Offers

Ideally, you want to be the only buyer who makes an offer on a particular property. That way, assuming your price is acceptable to the seller, you’re almost certain to close the deal.

But, it doesn’t always work out that way. In the case of highly desirable homes, it’s very common for there to be competing offers.

So, what do you do if there’s a competing offer on a home you really want?

First, don’t panic. Just because there are other buyers interested in the property doesn’t mean you won’t get it. There are many factors that influence a seller’s decision to choose one offer over another.

For example, sellers are generally skeptical of offers from buyers who do not have a pre-approved mortgage, or have not yet put their own home on the market.

Conditional offers based on these factors are often a red flag. Most sellers will readily accept an offer conditional on a satisfactory home inspection. However, if there are other more stringent conditions – such as an offer conditional on the buyer selling his own home for a particular price, or an offer conditional on arranging satisfactory financing – many sellers will be reluctant to accept the offer.

Of course, it isn’t always possible to avoid including these kinds of conditions. That doesn’t mean you won’t get the home. A solid presentation of the offer along with my skilled negotiation can make all the difference.