Selling Your Home on Halloween: 3 Tips to Keep in Mind

The chilly winds of autumn bring falling golden leaves and the smell of Halloween season approaching. It’s also that time of the year when you could decide on selling your home.

If that’s the case, then you might as well prep your property for the selling process. Here are a few tips to help you get started during the Halloween season.

Setup outdoor decorations

First off, you might as well be in the festive mood by decorating the front yard. Of course, you can always place a few lighted pumpkins on your porch or add fake cobwebs here and there.

While your decorations should mostly be outdoors in the moonlit night, that isn’t to say the indoors can’t have a bit of Halloween spirit as well. You might also need to improve the interior to complement the decorations outside.

Add some treats!

Put some sweets on display. This will not only add to the Halloween spirit but also give your potential buyers something to snack on while they tour the property.

And why not get creative with this? Need to give out your marketing material? Make special wrappers or tags on your candies. This will get them interested in purchasing the house.

Don’t overdo it

There’s a quote that goes “moderation in all things, especially moderation”.

It’s okay to set up the spirit of Halloween to make the process of selling the house more exciting. But you still have to keep your main goal in mind. In other words, your decorations should be enough to impress people and not drive them away with too much clutter. Moreover, make sure you pack it all up after closing so the new owner won’t have to deal with the remaining clutter.

Halloween is just as good as any time to sell your home. You just have to keep these tips in mind so you won’t have a problem getting the right buyers!

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First-Time Home Buyer Incentive – Application Documents Now Available

As of September 2nd 2019, Canadians interested in the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive can submit their applications for a shared equity mortgage with the Government of Canada.

Click here to access key documents you’ll need to review before you apply.

For additional information about the incentive, visit:


Homebuying Step by Step Guide and Workbook (Everything you need to help you buy a home, including worksheets, calculators and checklists)
Condo Buyer’s Guide (Detailed information on buying a condominium)
Newcomers’ Buying Guides (Homebuying information available in 8 different languages!)


Affordability Calculator (Estimate how much mortgage you can afford)
Debt Service Calculator (Compare monthly debt payments and expenses to income)
Mortgage Calculator (Explore rates, payment frequency, amortization options and more)

Mortgage Loan Insurance

What is it and how much does it cost?

Making the Switch: 4 Reasons to Move In to a Larger Home

Moving on from your current home is an eventuality you’ll have to face.

Every family has to move on to newer, more convenient homes at some point. But how do you know exactly if it’s the right time to make the move?

Here are a few indications you need to know:

You’re aching for new sights
Maybe the sight of your old home has started to look a little dull. It’s not as vibrant as you first moved in. Time has really taken its toll on your humble abode, giving you a good reason to jump ship.

It’s time for a much-needed change in atmosphere. You might be itching to move to a new neighborhood that has a lot more energy. You might also opt for a place where you can get constantly inspired. Whatever the reason, you need to be somewhere that makes you and your family comfortable.The sooner you realize it the better.

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The Government of Canada released a number of tools for First-Time Home Buyer Incentive program

The Government of Canada released a number of tools and resources on the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive program page.

Here’s a list of the items you can expect to find:

An Eligibility Calculator to test and evaluate different financial scenarios and view their impact on mortgage payments.

A Product Highlight Sheet (PDF) including a summary of key program details in a format that is easy to download, print and share.

A Journey Map breaking down the application process step by step.

An Application Process diagram (PDF) showing the interactions between all of the parties involved. (Available on desktop only).

In addition, live training sessions will be available to ensure home buyers and industry professionals alike have access to the latest tools and information pertaining to the Incentive. Three separate sessions will cover Qualification, Application Submission and Funding, plus a live Q&A period. Click here to view the full training schedule and to register for a session.

For all this and more, visit:

Why Lighting Matters in Selling Your Home

The house you’re selling is a stage where proper lighting will determine if it gets to be sold or not. Just like a ballet recital, lighting guides potential buyers to the best features of your home. Clearly, it’s something you wouldn’t want to downplay when you’re preparing for a home tour.

Lighting adds depth to your home. It can make certain areas of the house seem larger or smaller. If you know how to play with your lighting right, you can convince buyers to finally move in.

If you want to add better lighting to your home for sale, then there might be certain rooms where the choice of lighting can add a certain effect. Closets and storage areas, for one, may need to be well-lit. You may also need to improve the lighting in your bedrooms to underscore intimacy and privacy. If you own a large home, install adequate in the hallway.

Making these areas look presentable would require some new lights. The right kind of lighting always requires some experimentation on your part. You may want to install bulbs of lower or higher wattage, depending on the effect you want to achieve. During the daytime, you can make full use of natural lighting by opening your windows and drapes.

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