Why Lighting Matters in Selling Your Home

The house you’re selling is a stage where proper lighting will determine if it gets to be sold or not. Just like a ballet recital, lighting guides potential buyers to the best features of your home. Clearly, it’s something you wouldn’t want to downplay when you’re preparing for a home tour.

Lighting adds depth to your home. It can make certain areas of the house seem larger or smaller. If you know how to play with your lighting right, you can convince buyers to finally move in.

If you want to add better lighting to your home for sale, then there might be certain rooms where the choice of lighting can add a certain effect. Closets and storage areas, for one, may need to be well-lit. You may also need to improve the lighting in your bedrooms to underscore intimacy and privacy. If you own a large home, install adequate in the hallway.

Making these areas look presentable would require some new lights. The right kind of lighting always requires some experimentation on your part. You may want to install bulbs of lower or higher wattage, depending on the effect you want to achieve. During the daytime, you can make full use of natural lighting by opening your windows and drapes.

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